Ruddock, Smith leading in TVDSB race, Hall in LDCSB

Late Monday night, Oct. 22, with Bayham and West Elgin not yet reporting, political newcomers Meagan Ruddock and Bruce Smith appeared well on the way to unseating incumbents Chris Goodall and James Todd as the St. Thomas-Elgin trustees on Thames Valley District School Board.

Ms. Ruddock led with 8,906 votes, followed by Mr. Smith with 6,071.

Mr. Goodall had 5,137 votes, Mr. Todd 3,688 and political newcomer Peter Rochus 2,438.

Meanwhile, incumbent Bill Hall appeared to be hanging onto his seat as trustee on London District Catholic School Board, with 1,336 votes to challenger Joe O’Connor’s 913.

  • Scott Walker

    The two incumbents are now unseated. A political lesson learned (maybe). This is what happens when you don’t listen to the people. This is what happens when you don’t have the stones to stand up to the school board and government. Aka… our school closings. You two as trustees failed. Now good bye. Don’t bother to aplogize and expect a free pass or that we the people will forget around election time. Hopefully fresher newer ideas will benefit the whole area.