Elgin technically free of COVID-19 confirmed cases but…

Southwestern Public Health on Tuesday morning, June 2, was still reporting no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in any Elgin County municipalities, but like some modern sports records, that comes with an asterisk.

About 20 cases of the virus have been confirmed among workers at Ontario Plants Propagation in Southwold during the last week. However, all but one of those cases involved offshore workers who reside together in London, and that’s where their cases are being counted.

The one local case resides in St. Thomas. The addition of another new case in the city on Tuesday morning, June 2, someone who had been in “close contact” with the Ontario Plants Propagation worker, brought the number of confirmed cases in that city to three.

Oxford has seven cases confirmed by medical testing, including three in Ingersoll, two in Tillsonburg and two in Woodstock.

To date, Southwestern Public Health has recorded 74 COVID-19 cases confirmed by medical testing in Elgin, St. Thomas and Woodstock.

Four persons have died as a result, and 60 have recovered. Ten cases are ongoing.