COVID-19: Aylmer is regional hotspot


Aylmer is the regional hot spot for new cases of COVID-19. In just 24 hours, Aylmer, which already saw a spike in cases over the weekend, went from 9 positive cases to 15, according to Southwestern Public Health (SPH) reports.

Bayham is reporting 6, down 1 from yesterday. St. Thomas is also down by 1 case to 5. Central Elgin is reporting 1 new case.

In Oxford County, also covered by SPH, Tillsonburg is up by 1 case to 4 and Norwich remains at 1.

Yesterday, Dr. Joyce Lock, medical officer of health for SPH, said the rise in cases wasn’t attributed to any single event. Exposures were a mix of residents visiting elsewhere and returning with cases; cases shared between work colleagues; within families; and social activities not following distance guidelines.

She reminded everyone to continue to stay six feet apart, wash hands, and wear a mask in public places.


SPH now has 33 total cases between Elgin, St. Thomas and Oxford, which is higher than surrounding regions Middlesex-London (25 ongoing) and Haldimand-Norfolk (29 ongoing), though fewer than Chatham-Kent (50 ongoing).

The numbers paint only a small part of the picture – If you or someone you know has had COVID-19 and would like to share your experiences (good, bad, neutral), please contact us by calling 519-773-3126 or email