Aylmer “Freedom Rally” organizer charged

Aylmer Police Service announced the following on their social media page Thursday afternoon:
Emergency Order breach
“Freedom March” Protest
Aylmer Police Service has completed their investigation regarding “Freedom March” protest rally that occurred in the Town of Aylmer on the 24th of October and 7th of November 2020. Following the review of the relevant legislation and evidence, organizer of the protest, a 43-year-old female from Aylmer ON., has been charged with two counts of Failing to comply with Ontario regulation 364/20 Section 10(1)(a) of the Reopen Ontario Act and two counts of Failing to comply with Ontario regulation 364/20 Section 10.1(1) of the Reopen Ontario Act. She is to appear in Provincial Court on 14 January 2021.
Organizers of other “freedom” rallies and marches in Ontario protesting COVID-19 regulations have received similar charges in London, Chatham-Kent and Hamilton in recent weeks and St. Thomas Police announced charges were pending for the rally held there two weeks ago.
More to follow.
  • Taylor Wentges

    Terrible to protest like that at height of second wave, Trump style. But I wonder what took police so long. Nearly 3-4 weeks! The long delay I think undermined public health message with an unintended message of legal ambiguity, and allowed others to do potentially the same in meantime. Nothing for the police to be proud of I think, and may indeed provide a partial legal defense.

  • Sue Bachner

    And remember, Aylmer Express, when the rally organizers’ supporters gather at the courthouse on Jan. 14 with their signs, spewing their garbage conspiracy theories, you have a choice NOT to quote them. Unsubstantiated BS has no place in the press.

    • Lisa West

      Why do you remove my response to this person and leave hers? Is her comment respectful to the persons involved in this rally?

    • Lisa West

      Some would say there is a lot of unsubstantiated BS in the press already. And the Aylmer Express should understand that more and more people are realizing that this paper is not an unbiased news reporter.

  • Lisa West

    Why do you put the word “freedom” in quotes in this article? It is absolutely about freedom, which you will soon sorely miss if things continue in this way. People should not be charged for gathering as a free people in a way that has a very low risk of spreading a virus that has been vastly overblown.