Church of God pastor ticketed for protest

Aylmer Church of God Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, at his home on Friday, Nov. 27, was served with a ticket by two London Police officers for participating in a “Freedom Rally” that allegedly breached the law by involving more than 25 persons assembling outdoors on Sunday, Nov. 22.

Pastor Hildebrandt’s son Herbert broadcast the serving of the ticket through a social media site as it happened.

One of the officers explained that Pastor Hildebrandt would have to appear in provincial court in London on Feb. 22, 2021 to answer the charge.

“Are you treating people differently?” demanded Herbert, explaining he too had been at the rally in London’s Victoria Park.

The officers declined to answer, and Herbert instructed them, “Then leave the property immediately. Have a good day.”

The officers did so and then drove away, leaving the ticket in Pastor Hildebrandt’s mailbox.

“We will see where it goes from here,” the pastor said. “I intend to do nothing with it.”

Participants in the rally had a constitutional right to hold a peaceful protest, he added.

  • commonsensethinking

    It’s easy to pick on a high profile person to make it look like you are doing your “duty” by the free citizens of this country.