Elgin, St. Thomas, Oxford to move to orange alert

Southwestern Public Health announced late Friday afternoon, Nov. 20, that as of Monday, Nov. 23, its entire area would be placed in the “orange-restrict” category for COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

That’s an increase from the current yellow-protect alert.

The health unit said incidents of COVID-19 had reached 28.4 cases per 100,000 residents, more institutional outbreaks were being seen and increasingly infection appeared to have been through “community transmission” rather than close contact with an infected person.

Church services would be restricted to 30 percent of interior capacity or a maximum of 100 persons outdoors, according to the provincial colour code chart.

Restaurants could seat a maximum of four diners at a table, down from six, and servers must wear eye protection when approaching someone not wearing a mask.


  • jeff Altweg

    It can be slowed, down a bit but not stopped , especially with Winter here now ,everyone spending most of their time indoors. It’s the older folks, over about 75 ,that will be taken out ,also those with prior lung conditions …That’s the way it’s playing out south of the border,most states there are going on with their lives, doing what they can for the older people , we in Canada are just a few notches behind , build up the immune system, that’s what is important now