Update on local COVID-19 cases

Southwestern Public Health was tracking eight active cases of confirmed COVID-19 in Aylmer and area on Saturday, Nov. 21, down from 11 earlier in the week.

St. Thomas and area has five cases, Bayham one, and a new case has appeared in Central Elgin.

In Oxford, where the situation is much worse, Woodstock and area has 21 cases, Norwich 13, Ingersoll and area four, Tillsonburg and area four, Blandford-Blenheim one and East Zorra-Tavistock one.

Three pupils at Assumption Catholic School and one at Straffordville Public School have confirmed cases of COVID-19. Both schools remain open.

Three persons in the Southwestern region of Elgin, St. Thomas and Middlesex are hospitalized with the disease, but none of them in intensive care units.