Aylmer Police chief outlines how stay-at-home order will be enforced

Aylmer Police Chief Zvonko Horvat issued a statement Monday, Jan. 18, about how his officers will enforce Ontario’s current COVID-19 “Stay-at-home” order.

Officers, he said, would not be entering homes or stopping cars and pedestrians for the sole purpose of enforcing that order. In addition, no one was required to carry proof he or she was going to or from work, or shopping for essential supplies such as groceries.

If an officer had “reasonable grounds to believe that someone had violated the Reopening Ontario Act or the emergency declaration, officers can ask for identification in order to issue a fine or summons.

“Those being investigated have a duty to identify themselves and a failure to do so can lead to obstruction charges.”

Chief Horvat said Aylmer Police would continue to investigate complaints and have a “zero tolerance” approach to anyone violating emergency orders, in the interests of protecting the community.