Aylmer Police serve summons on Church of God

Aylmer Police served a summons to Aylmer Church of God on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 6, for allegedly violating COVID-19 pandemic emergency orders, and a crowd of members was there to greet officers.

When an Aylmer Express photographer went to the church at 4:30 p.m. after a report of activity there, he stopped well south of the church on John Street North to take a picture of the church parking lot, which had many cars in it.

He then drove north to Imperial Road and Glencolin Line, planning to turn around in a store parking lot, and noticed a black Jeep behind him.

As the photographer turned around in the lot, the Jeep pulled up next to him and the driver seemed to want to speak to him, so he rolled down the window.

“What are you up to?” the man, who was bearded, asked, addressing the photographer by first name. “Are you our drone flyer?”

The photographer immediately left the scene out of concern for his safety.

(Video still: Facebook-Henry Hildebrandt)


  • Drake Larsen

    Y’all are like Nazi ambulance chasers. Do you ever stop to photograph the 20 old dudes leaning in each other’s car windows at Tim Hortons – or do you just specialize in religious persecution?

    • amylee

      Your comment shows how you lack in real fact. 1. Regarding how many groups are being fined and broken up in public and private places like homes of gatherings. 2. This “leader” has been responsible for more then just breaking the bi-laws during Covid. He is not only a menace to others he is insane.
      There are PLENTY of other people being reported and the authorities acting on it. Maybe if the churches (who keep breaking the bi-laws/guidlines) would follow the laws then they wouldn’t be in constant trouble with the law and the cities they are in. Churches and places of worship seem to believe they have no need to follow the rules.

      • Drake Larsen

        I’m not commenting here on the policing/restrictions so much as the abysmal state of Aylmer Express journalishism. Running around to photograph summonses is in itself pathetic. Moreover, this is an open society, where a journalist has responsibilities. Here they describe photographing individuals then leaving without stating they’re are members of the press. Might as well just be a creeper taking photos into private property from the highway. Pathetic and spineless.

    • Archibald-XXIII

      I agree with your statement. There is far too much inconsistency. However, I think Hildebrat and his posse of delusional maniacs should be focused on and should be charged. The drive in sermons were never an issue for me but his complete disregard for other communities to keep his protests out of their towns and promoting the gathering of a ton of unmasked people is just irresponsible.

      They continue to go on and on about how they are taking safety precautions while simultaneously protesting the safety precautions. Their rhetoric and ideology is just as hypocritical as the book the eat their lies from.

      It did not look like activism. It was a typical religious tantrum. More so, white people pretending to understand what oppression is while they push around the elderly people. I proudly wave a middle finger every time I pass that church.

  • Archibald-XXIII

    The entire church of god and all the anti maskers should be charged and put in prison. Such a perfect example over privileged white people pretending they know what oppression is. Get over yourselves. Religion is a social cancer.

    • Drake Larsen

      So you’re saying put people in prison for violating rights that are deemed irrevocable in the Charter. What good then is the Charter at all??
      And I’m neither religious or a religious scholar – but if you think Old Order Mennonites don’t know what oppression is, you got some sad news coming. No need to judge oppression against oppression – but these folks been chased around the globe for generations. The sentiment ascribed in your statement is sickening; now that’s the myopia of privilege.

      • Archibald-XXIII

        You are clearly an intelligent fella, Drake. You raise very valid points and arguments. However, I was speaking of current times and issues. The folks in Aylmer do not appear to be facing extreme oppression. They have food, vehicles, clothing, the freedom to choose their faith etc. The charter, I believe, should be altered in the circumstance of overall safety. If I, a non religious person, can face jail time and fines, then so should religious people. Just because you want to talk about God and worship your fantasies, doesn’t exempt you from being a decent human being and following the same guidelines as everyone else.

  • Jason Jowan

    Hi. Yes, agreed: phony sun worshipping moon cookie eating christianity is kinda silly. But a fundamentalist Christian standing up for his understanding of God’s Word is commendable to me. And from a health standpoint, we are nearly all so malnourished, poisoned, congested, and overwhelmed that a slight breeze will knock us over. Where’s the talk of organic vegan no processed food, food timing, combining, sunshine, fresh air, proper supplements, etc. . And warnings of exitotoxins, GMOs, sugar, hybrid wheat, smartmeters, wifi, polyester, etc. . Important issues are all around us. Please take the time to consider all angles after prayerful careful investigation. We’ve seen one side over and over, we’re being suffocated…

  • Shane Newman

    Religion = a sense of entitlement that following a imaginary being, and a damn series of fictional books makes those followers better than everyone else. And gives those same idiots the belief they can break every law including murder and just go to thier priests and confess their sins and get off scott free.The world would be a better place without religious insanity….