Sandra Talbot resigns from public health board

Woodstock and Oxford County Councillor Sandra Talbot has resigned from the Southwestern Public Health board.

In a statement after a secret session of the board on Tuesday, Jan. 19, Chairman Larry Martin, Oxford County’s warden and mayor of Norwich, issued a statement reporting the resignation, and its acceptance.

“Historically, Ms. Talbot has been a valuable, engaged member of our board of health, fulfilling her responsibilities and acting in the best interests of the community and public health.

“She acknowledges, however, that her recent decision to travel outside of the country betrayed the trust placed in her, in her role on the board of Southwestern Public Health. The vacant position on the board of health will be filled by appointment determined by Oxford County council.

“I also want to confirm at this time that there was no further international travel by any members of our board of health or our senior staff since the pandemic was declared.

“Despite this change at the Board of Health level, Board and staff at Southwestern Public Health are steadfast in their work responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and planning for the roll out of the much anticipated COVID-19 vaccination to our community.”