Port Stanley parking lots to re-open

Beach parking lots in Port Stanley, closed as part of the provincial COVID-19 shutdown, will re-open on Friday, May 21, Central Elgin announced on Thursday, May 20.

Washrooms and the municipal boat launch in Port Stanley will be opened as well, as well as other outdoor recreational facilities including soccer fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, ball diamonds and skateparks, the municipality stated.


  • nobody

    Things are improving, thanks to co-operation of Law-abiding citizens.

    The stench from local residents defying the call to shared sacrifice will remain.
    The sad lingering repercussions, of the actions of the “church of god” cult, will be that all

    those who dress as they do will be branded selfish, ignorant outsiders.
    A local list of businesses that spring from this cult will circulate, and be shunned.

    Of course if this cult is willing to forgo all the benefits, that inclusion in society bestows,

    such as tax exempt status, social benefits, health care, and police protection, then there

    might be room for further discussion, though I doubt that they’ve thought about this at all.