Four new cases in Aylmer and area

The number of ongoing COVID-19 cases being tracked by Southwestern Public Health in Aylmer and area rose to six Wednesday, Sept. 29, from two the previous day.

Currently in the Southwestern region of Elgin, St. Thomas and Oxford, four residents are hospitalized with COVID-19, two of them in intensive care units.

Residents age 20 through 29 years old represent 25 percent of all ongoing cases.

SWPH confirmed nine new cases of COVID-19 in its entire area on Wednesday, up from three on Tuesday.

The number of ongoing cases rose to 32 from 28.

On Wednesday, Bayham, Dutton Dunwich, Southwold and St. Thomas and area all remained steady at two cases each, and Central Elgin and West Elgin at one each.

In Oxford, Woodstock and area fell to eight cases from nine while Blandford-Blenheim rose to two from one. Ingersoll and area stayed at three, East Zorra-Tavistock at two and Tillsonburg and area at one.

The infection rate for the Southwestern region stands at 15.1 cases per 100,000 of population, up from 13.2 on Tuesday.

Across Ontario, 495 new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed on Wednesday, down from 613 on Tuesday.


  • Drake Larsen

    6 ÷ (no whole number) = 25%
    Therefore, “Residents age 20 through 29 years old represent 25 percent of all ongoing cases” is not possible, aka fake news.

    • AE Web Admin

      All ongoing cases means all cases for the health unit. (25% of 32)

      • Drake Larsen

        Thanks for clarification. Typically in English rhetoric we only reference items that have been introduced into the discussion previously, so it’s not clear as you had already defined the ongoing cases as 6 in text above.

      • nobody

        Where’s the “Beef”?
        I thought someone had a “Beef” with this article?
        Are they hiding?



        • Drake Larsen

          I questioned the poor delivery of statistics, and the AE admin clarified. Then the question was then taken down to avoid attracting trolls but seems the trolls can’t even resist flailing against empty air….

          • nobody

            Nice try at spinning what actually happened.
            Your inability to comprehend what you were reading led you to attach the AE for your misunderstanding.
            Your posts were taken down because you have a penchant for attacking the AE when no attack is even remotely justified.
            The only thing Fake here is your outrage. Try a different business model.

          • Drake Larsen

            No sir, the point still stands as read and described above.
            1) “the number of ongoing cases…rose to 6”
            2) Followed by reference to a fraction of “on-going cases”
            3) Followed by a new definition of on-going cases.
            Written dialectic in our language builds the case from the top. Once defined a term stands dominant until redefined. Linearly speaking the delivery is non-logical and remains so; the reader at that point cannot be left wondering: 25% of what?
            It’s not outrage, Sir, it’s a quest for rationality in this era of media misinformation and misdirection Here in these comment sections I’ve only prodded the AE for explicit misuse of medical definitions and illogical presentation of information.

          • nobody

            Since you feel free to accuse the AE of “Fake news”, and me of being a “Troll”, grant me the same literary license. I suspect that you are an Anti-vaxer, a Case-demic conspiracy nut, an American, a Facebook addict, and maybe a Covid-19 disinformation terrorist. All of those accusations come directly from the posts you made. I’m not even sure you are “Drake Larsen”, but rather an internet troll who has created a Disqus identity on the basis of freely available information posted to the internet of a local resident.
            Thus I think you may be a criminal guilty of identity theft.
            But that’s just me, I’m cynical.

          • Drake Larsen

            sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t.