“Resounding no” to EESS changes

East Elgin Secondary School will send a “resounding no” to proposed changes to the boundaries of East Elgin Secondary School.

A planning committee made up of local representatives held a second public hearing on the proposal at EESS on Monday, May 15, but the report it initially filed with Thames Valley District School Board will remain unchanged in its attitude about boundary “adjustments.”

The meeting was attended by Aylmer Mayor Jack Couckuyt, a graduate of and former principal of EESS, Malahide Mayor Dominique Giguère and Elgin-St. Thomas Trustees Meagan Ruddock and Bruce Smith.

Several teachers employed at East Elgin also attended, and one, Steve Voros, spoke on their behalf. They, too, worried about potential drops in student enrolment and the loss of staff and programs if EESS’s enrolment dropped.

Full coverage in the May 17 edition of The Aylmer Express.