Shayne Maracle

I know you are not leaving, only changing form so we can still play. You can chase me through fields with whispers and make me laugh, Rain will fall and I will know that you are shedding memories with the tears Your laughter will be heard in various places when I stop and listen. I know that you are with those who love you and give great joy to be reunited, But I will look at the stars at night to see if you have left me a message. The music heard not just in nature but as part of our heartbeat will be heard I will dance, and sing just like the memories we have forged in the past; Now it is time to rest for a while because your feet are sore from your journey, When I come I will bring another pair of moccasins so we can dance with all our ancestors I will start sewing them now and I will put a pretty pink flower on yours.  Until then I will miss you lots and remember the good times.

Written by Wanda Maracle