Temporary bridge to Port Bruce considered

Malahide Mayor David Mennill, at a special county council meeting Wednesday, Feb. 28, called on Elgin to consider installing a temporary access bridge from Imperial Road to Port Bruce south of Catfish Creek, to provide a second exit in case of emergency.

With the possibility that replacing the Imperial Road Bridge that collapsed Friday, Feb. 23, might take a long time, he believed the community couldn’t be left with just one exit along Dexter Line indefinitely.

County Administrator Julie Gonyou, who gave an update on the bridge situation, said that was an option already being considered.

She also said that 13 companies had already inquired about any potential contract to remove the ruins of the bridge.

But she stressed that at this point, the cause of the collapse had yet to be determined, and until it was the county couldn’t begin to speculate on how long removing the old bridge and putting in a new one might take.

Look for more information in the March 7 edition of The Aylmer Express.

  • Peter McLean

    Time to get a Bailey bridge or variation of it in place.
    Could work with army engineers out of st thomas armoury…like port hope, ont. did with army engineers out of toronto