Express journalists acquitted

Publisher John Hueston and editor Brett Hueston of The Aylmer Express were acquitted in the Ontario Courts of Justice in St. Thomas on Monday morning, Oct. 22, of obstructing Ontario Provincial Police during the recovery of a vehicle with a body inside from the waters of Lake Erie at the south end of Springfield Road June 24, 2017.

Justice Glen Arnold said while the arrival of the journalists at the scene had interfered with recovery operations, they hadn’t done so willfully, because police never explained what was going on.

Instead, OPP officers repeatedly demanded the men leave without giving any reason why that might be necessary.

More in the Oct. 24 print edition of The Aylmer Express.

  • Rocket Gal

    Good that they can put this behind them. What a waste of time and the worry too.
    My beef is that police should put their press releases on their web site.
    Not just send them to news outlets.
    Rocket G.]
    Oct 22, 2018

  • All the press just breathed a sigh……………thanks for pursuing this injustice….
    Kevin Morrell
    a concerned citizen.


    Finally this is resolved after so much attention to what a journalist is expected to do and to define how they should report to the citizens. It is deeply concerning when ‘justice’ is served with such bias from our local and provincial police officers. John and Brett should be considered local heroes for not giving in to the pressure that was placed on them to admit a guilt that could not be easy to bear. Kudos to our local Aylmer Express for keeping the citizens informed. Perhaps, one day the relationship between the local police and the expectations the journalist to report will be considered by the police to be a service to the people.