County to reduce speed limit near Springwater

Elgin councillors are moving to reduce the speed limit on Springwater Road near Springwater Conservation Area.

The current speed limit there is 80 kilometres per hour, but it has been as low as 60 in the past.

At a county council meeting on Tuesday, April 11, members received a letter from Catfish Creek Conservation Authority General Manager Christopher Wilkinson.

He formally requested a reduction in the speed limit in the area to at least 60 kilometres per hour, if not 40, between Conservation Line to the north and the Steelway plant to the south.

Read the full story in the April 24 edition of The Aylmer Express

  • Luke Banter

    A debate on speed limits… should not really be debated. It should be a common sence and facts of the matter, that decides this for any council. I’m sure this will be the case here. Let’s look at some facts … and let common sence play it’s part. There is a hidden intersection at this area of Springwater Road, and we have a busy park to the left and to the right with an entrance that is very close to the parking lot in both cases. Vehicles coming and going from this area, and the general foot traffic including pets, is pretty high and with the warm season approaching this only increases.
    To reduce the speed to 60 km/h is not debatable, it’s good common sence.