Big drop in Southwestern COVID-19 cases

Southwestern Public Health was reporting substantial drops in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases across its region on Tuesday morning, Nov. 24.

Aylmer and area went to six cases from 10 on Monday, St. Thomas and area to four from five, Central Elgin stayed steady at two and Bayham at one, and a new case appeared in Dutton Dunwich.

In Oxford, where numbers have. been higher, cases in Woodstock and area dropped to 18 from 22 and in Norwich to five from 12, Ingersoll remained at five cases, Tillsonburg at three and Zorra at one.

Blandford-Blenheim saw a slight increase to two from one and a new case appeared in East Zorra-Tavistock.

Across Ontario, 1,009 new cases were confirmed Tuesday, down from a new record high of 1,589 on Monday.