Police statement on church padlocking

The Aylmer Church of God (Restoration) has been padlocked following a ruling by Justice Bruce Thomas of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in St. Thomas Friday, May 14, about contempt of court findings against the church, Pastor Henry Hildebrandt and Associate Pastor Peter Wall.

Aylmer Police, in a statement, said Elgin County Sheriff’s officials, acting on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General, went to the church at about 4:15 p.m. to change the locks on the exterior doors in order to carry out Justice Thomas’s order.

Aylmer Police also were on hand to assist, and were met by congregants inside the church.

The Sheriff’s enforcement officers read out the court order and asked everyone inside the building to leave immediately. Police said they did so.

Aylmer Police and the enforcement officers stayed on the scene about two hours while a locksmith provided by the ministry changed the locks.

The building would remain locked up until provincial emergency orders were changed to allow churches to hold services inside at or over 30 percent capacity, police concluded.

This picture is from a video posted online on a Facebook site for Pastor Hildebrandt.

  • RSmith444

    Little Adolf Horvat and his goon squad bullies at work harassing a peaceful people worshipping God.
    All the while, it was their buddies at the Ontario Police College who spread covid to a large number of Malahide residents.
    Malahide Township Council did not warn residents of covid infections at the college or attempt to restrict them from associating with residents, in a display of negligent incompetence.

  • jeff Altweg

    Padlocked the place of worship ,eh ? Aylmer really needs a change in something, starting with the Police Dept…..Our neighbors to the South had such a situation 250 years ago over a Tea Tax , and they addressed that. Even with them ,most of their people were Sheeple,were against it at the start….

    • bushywah

      Our neighbours to the south were divided at the time: 1/3 in favour of the revolt, 1/3 against, and 1/3 couldn’t care less. The revolt itself was instigated by rich white guys who didn’t like paying taxes. Hm. Sound familiar?
      Learn our own history before parroting fairy tales about our neighbours’, maybe.

      • bushywah

        By the way, you too appear to have wandered too far from home, being evidently (from the posting history associated with your profile) a piece of right-wing racist yankee crap — or working hard on the yankee part. The vulgar racism and right-wing a.holery seem to come naturally. Be you yankee or wannabe: Go home.

  • Mister Steve

    I am an American of 64 years of age. I recall when this action would have roused the countryside to action, such an anti-democratic deed in an allegedly “free country.” People would not have resorted to violence, but neither would they have submitted as sheep. They would have stood up, organized, taken back their government, and reclaimed their rights. Recall the words of Russian dissident, Solzhenitsyn:
    “If . . . If . . . We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more–we had no awareness of the real situation. We spent ourselves in one unrestrained outburst in 1917, and then we *hurried* to submit. We submitted *with pleasure!* [. . . .] We purely and simply *deserved* everything that happened afterward” (emphasis in original).

    Solzhenitsyn, Alexander. (1974). ‘The Gulag Archipelago’. (London, UK: Collins & Harvill Press). p. 13 fn.
    The failure to defend the other person’s freedom is the forfeit of our own freedom.

    • bushywah

      Why is an “American” trolling around an obscure local news site in Ontario?
      You don’t “recall” anything about Canada or Canadians, who have never “submitted as sheep”, and most of whom take quite unkindly to ignorant insults from ignorant yanks.

      Mind your beeswax.