Almost $69,000 raised for Hiebert family

An online fundraiser for the Hiebert family of Vienna Line in Bayham ended Tuesday, July 20, after bringing in $68,916 to help pay for medical treatments and other costs for the survivors.

Jake and Tina Hiebert and three of their five children were severely burned in a fire pit incident at their home on Monday night, July 12.

Infant Layla Hiebert, one year old, died as a result of her wounds on Thursday, July 15.

Eva Enns, who organized the online fundraiser, included the following report on Tuesday, July 20, as she brought the event to an end:

“I’m closing the fundraiser today as we have reached way beyond our goal. We thank God for every single person who donated.

“We are grateful to each person who had it in their hearts to pray for us. I wanted to give one last update before I close off the fundraiser.

“Jake has been healing very well. He’s doing so much better! The doctors are starting to lessen the sedative Tina is receiving.

“The 7-year-old (girl) underwent a procedure today where she was given a temporary fake skin on her face to protect her. She is interacting and doing well.

“The 4-year-old male is beside his sister, and underwent a successful surgery yesterday.

“You have all made an impact in their life. May God bless each and every one of you. A trust fund had been set up by the Aylmer Kindred Credit Union for anyone who wishes to further support them.”