Infant Layla Hiebert dies

Layla Hiebert, 1 year old, has died as a result of the injuries she sustained during an incident involving a fire pit at her family’s Vienna Line home in Bayham.

Eva Enns, who has organized an online fundraising campaign to support the Hiebert family, posted on Thursday, July 15, “I’m am in tears today to bring an update. 1-year-old sweet Baby Layla succumbed to her injuries this morning. She has gone to be with Jesus. The family is heartbroken. They are asking for prayers of healing for all of them.”

Four other members of the family were also badly burned in the incident, including parents Jake and Tina Hiebert, a daughter, 7, and a son, 4.

The previous day, Ms. Enns provided the following report:

Jake was able to talk to family members and was doing better;

Tina underwent a successful skin-grafting surgery Wednesday;

The seven-year-old daughter was still in hospital. “They want to attempt to let her breathe on her own tomorrow. She now has her dad beside her;”

The son, 4, was in stable condition in a Toronto hospital.

Layla, on Wednesday, had undergone emergency surgery as doctors sought to stabilize her.

Ms. Enns reported that surgery had seemed to go well, but on Thursday Layla succumbed to her injuries.

Ms. Enns noted Jake and Tina’s uninjured children, a son, 9, and a daughter, 6, were now in the care of family members.