Rabid bat found in Ingersoll

The discovery of a rabid bat in Ingersoll has prompted Southwestern Public Health to issue a warning to all local residents.

In a statement on Friday, July 9, Infectious Diseases Program Manager Elaine Reddick reported that the previous Saturday, an Ingersoll resident found what appeared to be an injured bat, and touched it in an attempt to remove it.

The bat subsequently tested positive for rabies on Wednesday, July 7, and the Ingersoll resident was undergoing a series of preventative treatments for the disease.

“It is important for residents to always seek medical attention if they are bitten by a bat, or any animal, whether it is wild or not,” she said. “This case should also be a reminder for residents to avoid contact with wildlife, always supervise pets outdoors, and vaccinate pets against rabies as advised by their veterinarian.”

  • Dylan

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