Update on fire pit survivors

Eva Enns of Vienna, who is hosting an online “gofundme” fundraiser for the Hiebert family, five members of whom were badly burned in a fire pit incident on Vienna Line in Bayham on Monday, July 12, posted on update on how father Jake, mother Tina and their two surviving children were doing Sunday night, July 18.

(Infant Layla, a year old, died of her injuries last week.)

Eva said, “Jake’s burns are much better. The swelling has gone down on his face.

“Tina is stable and they are hoping to lessen the sedation tomorrow.”

Their daughter, 7 “is now in Toronto so she can be with her brother. She was hungry for food, which is a great sign of improvement.”

Their son, 4, was in stable condition following a skin-grafting surgery that reportedly went well.

As of Monday night, the fundraiser for the family had so far reached a total of $67,556.

In addition, Ms. Enns told the Express, a trust fund for the Hieberts has been set up at Kindred Credit Union in Aylmer, where donations can also be made.