Low-German Mennonite “focus schools” for Summers Corners, Straffordville

Thames Valley District School Board on Tuesday night, Nov. 23, approved a two-year pilot project for “Low-German Mennonite Focus Schools” to be created at Summers Corners Public School and Straffordville Public School starting in September of 2022.

The proposal for the focus schools was presented by Superintendent Tracy Langelaan and System Principal Abe Wall, a former vice-principal at East Elgin Secondary School.

Supt. Langelaan said the idea was to expand the board’s commitment “to provide exceptional learning opportunities” for Mennonite children.

Approximately 1,500 Low-German Mennonite children were attending TVDSB schools, she said, most of them from relatively close to Summers Corners and Straffordville, in the east end of Elgin County and the south end of Oxford. However, hundreds of others were either learning at home or in private religious schools.

More in the Dec. 1 edition of The Aylmer Express.

  • Steve Dangle

    So in a country that has a Charter that specifically specifies our languages as English and French, we are going to start teaching in German to pander to immigrants? What’s next?

    • AE Web Admin

      Does the write-up say that the teaching will be administered in German?