MPP Jeff Yurek resigning his seat at end of February

Elgin-Middlesex-London MPP Jeff Yurek announced Friday, Jan. 7, that he would not be seeking re-election this year and would resign from his seat in the provincial Legislature at the end of February.

“When I entered politics over 10 years ago, I made three promises to myself: represent the people of Elgin-Middlesex-London to my fullest ability, remain authentic and true to my values and beliefs, and recognize when it is the right time to step down.

“Today, I announce that my time in public life has run its course. I believe it time for the voters of EML to select a new voice to represent their interests at Queen’s Park.

“I will not be seeking reelection in June of this year as your Member of Provincial Parliament, and will be resigning from my seat at the end of February.”

More information as it becomes available.

  • SaneGuy

    I like boot-licking cowards as much as the next guy, so it’s sad to see Jeff step down. He gleefully hitched his wagon to Doug Ford and didn’t look back. I particularly enjoyed dealing with his constituency office, which felt that any opinions running counter to the OPC Kool-Aid, deserved no time, attention or response.

    Adios Jeff. Can’t wait to see who we put in your place to help further the decline of this riding.

    • Michael Andrews

      Cowards don’t put themselves out there to serve in a capacity such as MPP, MP or Municipal politics where they live in the fishbowl of public life and become frequent targets for unreasonable and unwarranted attack. Mr. Yurek, as far as I remember, was our MPP long before the arrival of Doug Ford. Who exactly hitched his wagon to whom? One can’t help but speculate as to why a “boot licking coward” would be unceremoniously dropped from provincial cabinet; seems counter intuitive to me. I’m no loyal supporter of the PCs, Liberals, NDP or any other political party and have had plenty of frustration with representatives of them all. but I feel pretty strongly that Mr. Yurek has served his constituency and constituents well; better than many of his predecessors. I think it is our loss that he has stepped down. I wish you the best of success moving forward Jeff and thank you for your service.