Ontario okays Port Bruce disaster assistance

The Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing has announced that Port Bruce home owners, tenants and small business owners affected by February flooding have been approved for Disaster Recovery Assistance For Ontarians, but some conditions do apply.

The deadline for applications will be July 29.

Those with sufficient insurance to cover any damages will not receive funding, and the only residents who will qualify must have their primary home in Port Bruce.

Malahide Administrator Adam Betteridge said, “This is very much fantastic news for those home owners who were hit really hard with the flooding, many of whom do not have insurance to cover the losses from the flood.”

He provided the following information from the ministry:

Now that the program is active, homeowners and residential tenants, small owner-operated businesses and farms, and not-for-profit organizations in your municipality that were affected by the disaster can apply for assistance under the program.

“Eligible applicants can receive assistance for emergency expenses and costs for repair or replacement of essential and basic property if they do not have insurance or their insurance is insufficient to cover their essential costs as laid out in the program guidelines.  The intent of the program is to return essential property to a basic level, to make homes safe and habitable and allow people to resume their livelihoods.”

“If you are interested in submitting an application or learning more about this provincial program, please visit: www.ontario.ca/disasterassistance.  You can find the program guidelines, frequently asked questions and application forms on this website.

“Please note that this is a program run by the province. If you need help with your application or have questions please write directly to the province at disasterassistance@ontario.ca  or contact the information line at 1-877-822-0116.”



  • aylmerontario

    This area along the Lake Erie shoreline has long been known to be a flood plain. There should be no further building permits allowed in this area. This will save us taxpayers a great deal of money in the future when disasters such as this happen again. Once this precedent is set how many more incidents will the Province be called upon for relief.