Oxford man in his 90s dies with COVID-19

Southwestern Public Health announced on Wednesday, March 16, that an Oxford man in his 90s had become the 153rd death linked to COVID-19 in Elgin, St. Thomas and Oxford since the pandemic began two years ago.

The health unit also reported 34 new cases of the virus had been confirmed over the previous two days, compared to a three-day total of 61 on Monday.

The number of ongoing cases being tracked by SWPH dropped to 210 Wednesday from 221 Monday.

Local ongoing cases include 49 in St. Thomas and area, 13 in Aylmer and Malahide, nine in Central Elgin, six in West Elgin, five in Bayham, four in Dutton Dunwich and one in Southwold.

Four areas from the Southwestern region were hospitalized with COVID-19 on Wednesday, one of them in an intensive care unit.