Celebrating 150 years of railway history

Aylmer-Malahide Museum and Archives representatives Dan Reid, left, Betty Segui, Sarah Bentley dressed in period garb, Aylmer Councillor Arthur Oslach, railway enthusiast David Harding, Elgin County Warden and Bayham Mayor Ed Ketchabaw, museum volunteer Ron Sawyer and Malahide Cr. Sarah Leitch listened as Elgin County Town Crier Dave Phillips read a proclamation about the event which celebrated the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Grand Trunk tracks from Sarnia to the Maritimes, including a stretch through the East Elgin area, at the crossing just south of Elgin Feeds on John Street North in Aylmer on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Mr. Harding instigated the commemoration and brought along his hand-pumped railway cart. The museum is also currently offering a “pop-up” exhibit about the history of railways in this area. (AE/Rob Perry)