Tensions rising at CE council

Tensions between Central Elgin councillors and staff flared at council’s May 23 meeting.

Deputy Mayor Todd Noble suggested that interim chief administrative officer Wendell Graves was out of line asking council to approve a new psychological health and wellness policy, just two weeks after a show of emotions by the deputy mayor.

The deputy mayor also maintained that the policy proposal – drafted by Mr. Graves and Anouschka Van den Bosch, Central Elgin’s manager of human resources – didn’t extend the same benefits to members of council as it did to employees.

Those sentiments – with the support of Mayor Andrew Sloan and councillors Michelle Graham, Norman Watson and David Conners – carried a decision to defer implementation of the policy, at least until an external consultant review. Cr. Morgaine Halpin and Cr. Dave Baughman opposed the motion to defer.

Full details in the  May 31 edition of The Aylmer Express.