Food drive response “phenomenal”

Aylmer Express driver Scott Hildering, left, with help from colleagues Caitlyn Dyck and Bonnie Josten loaded up a van with donations to this year’s 30th annual Aylmer Express Thanksgiving Food Drive for Corner Cupboard food bank in Aylmer and Caring Cupboard food bank in St. Thomas on Tuesday, Oct. 3. The response from local residents has been “outstanding,” Corner Cupboard Manager Penny Hilliker reported . “It’s been phenomenal.” The need for the food bank’s services continues to be high, with the first two weeks in September the busiest she can remember at Corner Cupboard. “We’ve certainly stepped up to meet the demand.” The food bank was also pleased, with the assistance of Chicken Farmers of Ontario, to be distributing chicken dinners for the holiday so every family can have a Thanksgiving feast. (AE/Rob Perry)