Truck and Tractor Pull this Friday, Saturday

The Fairgrounds will be home the seventh annual Aylmer Canada Day Weekend Truck and Tractor Pull this Friday, June 28, and Saturday, June 29.

Aylmer Fair Board President Randy Laur said that while he’s been to such events elsewhere, “I’ve never been a puller,” as competitors are termed.

However, in 2016, when the pull was first held here, the fair board believed it would be a crowd-pleaser, between a combination of “The smoke, the sound, the speed, the rumbles” generated by the competing tractors and trucks, but also the opportunity to gather together as a rural community.

The board had to skip pulls for two years because of COVID restrictions but then they resumed and came back strong, with an estimated 9,000 visitors last year.

Mr. Laur said he hoped with good weather, this year’s total could reach 10,000.

See the complete story in the June 26 edition of The Aylmer Express. (AE/Rob Perry)