Eagles Win Oxford-Elgin Bowl

November, 1982 – The East Elgin Sceondary School senior Eagles won the match, beating Tillsonburg Gemini 45-14. Ten bus loads of Eagles fans went to the game at Annandale High School in Tillsonburg, despite the cold, wet weather.

EESS senior football team members are, front row from left: John Lamers, Jerry Kerkhove, Charlie Roloson (captain), Fred Neukamm (captain), Dan Hulst, Jeff Matthews, Scott Ward and coach Ken Coran; second row: coach John Kraehling, Ken Crocker, Jeff Watson, Wade Goldthorpe, Chris Engelhardt, Paul Toth, Dave Phillips, Mike Player and coach Bill Schleihauf; third row: Gus Lagrandeur, Greg Caers, Brian Nooren, Gary Paget, Mike VanDeursen, Blair Bossuyt, Bill Lysko and Larry Milmine; back row: Mike Haines, Cliff Graham, Ken McCann, Paul VanDeursen, Frank Lama, Ron VanLiere, Alex Stanat, Terry Kipp and Andy Lama.

  • Frank Anthony Lama

    An amazing team, an amazing year and an amazing win. Some of the fondest memories I have of playing football in high school were from this very game. We felt unbeatable that season.