Noel Vandooren

Noel Vandooren, formerly of Harrietsville passed away May 19, 2023 in Brantford General Hospital.

Born May 22, 1931 in Roeselare, Belgium. Noel moved to Canada in 1956 to be a farm labourer. That was not a career for him, and he became the house (master) painter that everyone knew him as, which he continued until he was in his seventies. Known for his love of jazz music and his stamp collecting. He loved to ask everyone he knew for their stamps (rather insistently).

Survived by his wife Ida of 62 years. His children Luc, Lucie McPhail (Cameron), and Marian (David Canning). Remembered with love by his grandchildren Neil (Aleria), Melissa (Jayden), Alex and Matthew. There are many fond memories of his good natured teasing and play that would get them all riled up, and then grandpa going to take a nap. Survived by his brother Lucian in Belgium.

As per Noel’s wishes his family will remember him with a stiff drink and a Belgian cookie at their homestead. We encourage all who wish to remember him to raise a glass of Belgian beer in his memory. Share memories or condolences at