Fewer than 10 ongoing cases in Southwestern area

The number of ongoing confirmed cases of COVID-19 being tracked by Southwestern Public Health in Elgin, St. Thomas and Oxford has dropped to the single digits.

The health unit reported two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 on Friday, July 16, the same as the previous day, but the number of ongoing cases dropped to nine from 12 Thursday.

Bayham decreased to one ongoing case Friday from three Thursday, and one new case was discovered in St. Thomas and area.

In Oxford, one new case was discovered in Tillsonburg and area, while Woodstock and area dropped to one from two. East Zorra-Tavistock stayed at three and Blandford-Blenheim and Zorra at one each.

Currently, one resident of the Southwestern region is hospitalized with COVID-19.

The infection rate for the Southwestern region stands at 4.3 cases per 100,000 of population, down from 5.7 on Thursday.

Given relatively low case numbers, the Express for now will discontinue daily online reporting of COVID-19 cases in the Southwestern region. Any major changes or events will still be posted online and appear in the pages of The Aylmer Express.