Some Westminster Central pupils to be shifted to South Dorchester Public School

Middlesex Trustee Sean Hunt warned, “We must not make these mistakes again,” after Thames Valley District School Board on Tuesday, Sept. 28, approved sending some pupils from Westminster Central Public School, which will be closed as of September of 2022, to South Dorchester Public School.

The original plan had been to close both Westminster Central and SDPS simultaneously, and move all children from South Dorchester and some from Westminster to a new elementary school to be built in Belmont. Other pupils from Westminster were to go to a new school in southeast London.

However, while the new London school is scheduled to open in September, TVDSB has yet to acquire the land needed for Belmont’s new school from a subdivision developer in that village.

Trustee Hunt said this experience showed that the board had to take greater care when approving complex plans, such as the one for Westminster and South Dorchester.

For the full story, see the Oct. 6 edition of The Aylmer Express.