Hildebrandt guilty of obstructing police

After receiving a summons for allegedly contravening the Re-Opening Ontario Act at Aylmer Church of God on Dec. 27, Herbert Hildebrand (fourth from left), son of church Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, ordered his supporters “Don’t let him leave” as the Aylmer Police officer returned to his cruiser. The men surrounded the cruiser, yelling at the officer. Mr. Hildebrandt said “This is what a coward looks like,” before a second police cruiser arrived. He then said “Let him go” as an officer approached to clear the men surrounding the cruiser. On April 14, 2022 Mr. Hildebrandt was found guilty of obstructing a peace officer. (AE/Brett Hueston)

Herbert Hildebrandt, 38, of Malahide, and Andre Beauchamp, 34, of North York, were both found guilty of obstructing a peace officer, in Ontario Court of Justice on Thursday morning, April 14.

That follows a trial for their actions December 27, 2020 at the entrance to the Aylmer Church of God.

After receiving a summons for alleged breach of Reopening Ontario Act restrcitions to church gatherings from Aylmer Police Constable Dan Wikkerink, Mr. Hildebrandt, son of Church of God Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, ordered men near him “Don’t let him leave”. Several men surrounded Cst. Wikkerink in his cruiser, while Mr. Hildebrandt demanded a video camera to record his scolding of the police.

Mr. Hildebrandt was found guilty for counselling others to obstruct Cst. Wikkerink, and Mr. Beauchamp was found guilty for standing at the back of Cst. Wikkerink’s cruiser, preventing him from leaving the scene.

Cst. Wikkerink had testified he was trying to leave the scene and diffuse a volatile situation.

Justice Robert Rogerson said Cst. Wikkerink “acted in a professional manner” during the course of the intense interaction.

Both Mr. Hildebrandt and Mr. Beauchamp were given an absolute discharge and a $100 victim surcharge. Justice Rogerson advised Mr. Hildebrandt to apologize in person next time he saw Cst. Wikkerink on the street.

More in the April 20 Aylmer Express.
  • aylmerontario

    It is very unfortunate that there was not a trial with a jury in this incident. From the appearances of what I have read in other postings a more serious penalty would have been rendered or at least recommended by a jury. Popular opinion, in nearly all posts that I have read thus far, is that our justice system made an error in slapping the wrists of these criminals. To give an absolute discharge still allows them to pass across our borders with impunity and to visit foreign countries and spread their beliefs.

    • Drake Larsen

      Can you imagine a jury by Zoom? I watched some of the proceedings and the judge could hardly stay awake himself. Maybe we can get back to real justice when we aren’t afraid that every neighbor or stray kid is the harbinger of death.

  • Drake Larsen

    Where is the coverage of the break-in at Church of God from last Thursday? This is at least the 2nd time the Aylmer Express has neglected to report when the church is victimized. For as much press as you squeeze from these folks we expect a fair coverage. I count over 30 articles written here about Hildebrandts and their Church but never when they are victimized… does the Aylmer Express have no shame in their lopsided persecution of this local church community?

    • AE Web Admin

      You’ll find both stories covered in this edition, not all coverage appears online. A front page story and photo op was dedicated to vandalism at a local church, and subsequent reports provided by police have been printed when provided.

      • Drake Larsen

        thanks for the clarification – from the internet perspective your coverage seems abysmally skewed.

  • nobody

    Drake your command of the English language is somewhat lacking.
    The word “victimized” suggests that the “Church of God” Cult was injured.
    The “Church of God” Cult did lasting damage to the Aylmer community.
    I suspect that “Church” officials may have staged break-ins just to muddy waters.
    Your incessant whining really is getting tedious.
    I hear that Florida welcomes miscreants.
    Maybe you, and the “Churlish Church”, should migrate there.

    • Drake Larsen

      You’re anonymous, what you suspect is irrelevant. There’s been an assault, vandalism resulting in destruction of property, and theft… if you judge what’s a crime based on how you feel about the person or their religion then you and I have different views on justice.