Mandatory masks extended at hospitals

The rising number of local cases of COVID-19 has led to a mandatory requirement for face masking to be extended indefinitely at St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital and other hospitals in Southwestern Ontario.

STEGH President Karen Davies said, “As a system of hospitals, we have been continually assessing what we feel are responsible protections for our patients, our teams, and those visiting our hospital sites.

“The rising number of COVID-19 cases in our communities is significantly affecting our ability to staff programs and services due to increasing absences related to COVID-19.

“Currently, more staff are calling in sick with COVID (or having COVID exposures) than at any time during the pandemic. We recognize how hard this period has been for staff and physicians, many of whom have worked overtime, taken on more patients, worked short-staffed, and are experiencing pandemic fatigue.”

As a result, the hospital was seeking to maintain the highest level of health protection possible inside its buildings.

A policy requiring all new staff, volunteers and contractors at STEGH to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will also continue.


  • Drake Larsen

    “more staff are calling in sick with COVID than at any time during the pandemic”

    Well, duh, you forced them all to inject it deep into their bodies. Latest Canadian data (march 22) shows the va¢¢ine now has 400% negative benefit! The injected are 4x more likely to contract covid, 1.5x more likely to be hospitalized, and twice as likely to die from covid. Hospitals have hamstung their staff and care will never be the same.

  • nobody

    Drek you are one funny dude.
    “Va¢¢ines hamstung” staff.
    Not sure that is even English.
    Have heard that the best Prophylactic against the
    Covid-19 virus is a good body smear of organic dung.
    Available from Three Ridges Ecological Farm.
    Most potent inducer for social distancing.
    You smell bad!