Fourth vaccinations now offered to all adults

Southwestern Public Health announced on Wednesday, July 13, that as of that day, fourth COVID-vaccinations would be offered to all adults 18 through 59 years old.

SWPH noted that was in line with a recommendation issued by the Ontario government earlier that day.

The recommended interval between receiving a third and fourth does was 140 days, or about five months. The minimum was 84 days, or about three months. The same was recommended following a COVID-19 infection.

SWPH Medical Officer of Health Dr. Ninh Tran said, “Immunologists have learned that the effectiveness of the vaccine, or the protection we get following infection, decreases over time.

“At approximately the five-month mark, it’s time for those who are eligible, to get a booster to ensure our immune systems are primed and ready to protect us.

“Specifically, we would like to see anyone who is moderately or severely immunocompromised, everyone over the age of 60, and members of the First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities, as those are the people at the highest risk of severe disease due to COVID-19 infection.”

All vaccinations at Southwestern clinics are being offered on a walk-in basis only. No appointments were needed, or even possible.

The health unit noted that line-ups would probably occur in the next two weeks as a result of expected demand.


  • Drake Larsen

    How much is the Aylmer Express being paid to promote these failed injections? Only the triple-jabbed are sick or dying of Covid this year. Most people now know several others facing life-altering adverse reactions from these injections. What’s the reward for continued promotion of the unsafe and ineffective injections in our community? How much and where’s the money coming from?